Friday, 22 August 2014



1. Global Power Consultancy utilises highly skilled and trained technical staff to provide a wide range of testing, commissioning and high voltage test services.
2. Protection scheme testing and commissioning services.
3. Testing and commissioning services for transmission, distribution, generation and all industries & electrical infrastructure.
4. GPC provides commissioning and maintenance testing of protection relays and schemes. We utilise highly skilled field technical personnel using Double and Omicron secondary injection test equipment to provide :
5. Project management and commissioning of protection and control schemes in new and existing sub stations.
6. Factory Acceptance Testing of electrical switch-boards Site Acceptance Testing of electrical switch boards Maintenance of existing protection schemes.
7. Development of data setting files for numerical protection relays.
8. Test plans, relay setting and relay logic files.
9. Simulation testing of SCADA systems to ensure correct functions integrity.
10. Development of quality Inspection Test Plans ( ITPs ).


1. All Rating Generators, Transformers, Motors, Cables, Capacitors, Reactors etc.
2. All Rating GIS, EHV, HV & LV Circuits, Breakers, Isolators, Distribution panel.


Relays Siemens, ABB, GE, Alstom, Schneider Electric, EasunReyrolle, Etc. Programing Testing and Commissioning. 


1. Energy meter, Multifunction meter, TVM meters, Volt meter,
2. Ammeters, PF Meter, KW, KVA, KVAR Meters, Etc...
3. Protection Relay Testing and Calibration
4. Earth resistance Testing
5. Cable IR and HV Testing
6. Transformer Testing and Oil Filtration
7. DG Testing
8. CT & PT Testing / Calibration
9. Energy Audit
10. Cable Fault Locate
11. DG Servicing


1. Protection relay programming and scheme testing
2. Protection relay maintenance
3. Secondary injection
4. Primary injection
5. Current transformer testing
6. Voltage transformer testing
7. Battery discharge testing
8. High voltage testing of switchboard apparatus
9. Insulation resistance testing
10. Circuit breaker testing and commissioning
11. Metering equipment commissioning and testing
12. Scadainterface testing
13. On Load measurement of current and voltage
14. Fault finding
15. Earth resistance testing
16. Tan-Delta and Capacitance testing

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